This is your Google Advertising Guide for Hotels

Marketing your Hotel on Google is not exactly straight forward. And even if it was, main problem is that as an independent Hotel, you are bidding for advertising space against the usual online travel agencies that spend billions every year on Google Ads.

However, these giants are usually targeting for destination keywords – like “Hotel Daytona Beach Florida”. Of course, there’s a strategy to avoid this kind of competition and get more bookings through Google Ads.

To help you out we’re giving away for free a 250$ worth complete, comprehensive guide on how to advertise your Hotel on Google. Learn how to make the most of your advertising budget!

This Google Ads guide will teach you step by step how to create a successful Google Ads campaign for your Hotel.

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You will learn:

- To set up and manage Google Hotel Ads

- Advantages of Display and Video Ads and when to use them

- Advantages of Search Ads and when to use them

- Setting Up Search Ads (with screenshots) - Retargeting - What is it and why use it

- Avoiding direct competition with big spenders

- Concerns and opportunities for Hotel Advertisers

& More

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