In 2019 we started the collaboration with Blue Marlin, a superb beach getaway in Lebanon. The goal was to switch from close to 100% OTA bookings (Airbnb) to as many direct bookings as possible. Today Blue Marlin has probably close to 100% direct bookings – coming through Instagram and Google organic.

You can find below the highlights of our activity so far.

Logo and Website

We created a timeless logo design and implemented a modern website with an embedded booking system.


We created a charming description of the place and presented its most attractive features. Similar content was created to showcase the best touristic attractions in the area.

Social Media

We started in early 2020 with about 2.3k Instagram followers. We posted content everyday and today the page has 28k followers. 75% of the audience is located in the targeted geographic area.


In 2019 the business was present on Google only through OTAs. Today Blue Marlin is in the first 10 search results.