0 Instagram Followers, Reality Check

I decided to develop a Hotel Instagram account from scratch: 0 Followers. My motivation is the learning experience. I never worked before with a brand new IG Business account. The account name is @diefor.hotels. Here is what I’ve learned in the first week.

0 Posts 0 Followers 0 Following

The first shocker I got when I started this new Instagram account was to see that after carefully preparing a post (good #s and everything) I got 7 likes in 8 hours. What the hell? Is this thing broken? 

I could not believe it. Quick, to the Insights! The post reached 6 people through hashtags. Why is my post shown to so few people? This was so frustrating.

As a benchmark, one Hotel Instagram account I started managing this month has about 2800 followers. Nobody posted anything for almost a year. Engagement is close to 0%. However, I have a reach of over 600 people through hashtags in the first 24 hours.

Me: Is this fair? Hashtags are hashtags. Any account should get similar exposure in the “Recent” category, right? Instagram: No.

IG: Stop the tapping, boy

I thought, “ok, if I cannot reach an audience with posts, I will get people’s attention through direct engagement. So I started to like and comment on posts from the travel niche. No luck there.

Instagram blocked my actions after the first 20 likes or so. Not even close to the number of actions claimed on Google for new accounts. 

Why did Instagram block me from using DM? - Quora

It’s still in the 1st week, I’m posting 3 times a day and it takes me about one hour to one hour and 1/2 to prepare the posts. I’m working hard for the 20 likes a day and 2 new followers. But I feel I own them; after all, they follow a profile with under 20 followers! They believe in me.

First week was definitely brutal, I was not aware Instagram was so cruel to new users.