In this day and age, every serious business needs solid online experience for exposure, lead generation, constant contact, ease of customers’ use of their services, and much more. Hotels, more than most others are huge examples here. In fact, in the hospitality industry, there has been an increase of about 1700% in online booking over the last four years.

Given that about 80% of internet users own smartphones, it follows that wise hoteliers take hotel bookings into the psalms of users through responsive website.

Travel became digital, now it becomes mobile

Simply put, a mobile-friendly website is one that is convenient, efficient, and fast and fast, accessible, and appealing on most mobile devices. It is one that makes the entire process of booking a hotel seamlessly.

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Features of a mobile-friendly website include

Appearance; mobile users appreciate websites that are easy to read, without need for zooming or unnecessary scrolling. The content of the site fit small screens of smartphones nicely. Also, a generally beautiful webpage with the right balance of colors makes the browsing experience enjoyable.

Accessibility; users google “hotels near me” but are still most likely to keep visiting hotel websites that have a search bar, voice search, a menu bar with well-outlined contents, and date calendar. Nobody wants to struggle with finding their way around New webpages. Furthermore, with the recent advances in technology and the advent of Google maps, people expect to access these from a good hotel website. Also, most users want other enhancements like auto-filling of forms for old users, click-to-call, and other features that improve their browsing experience.

To sum up, good appearance and easy accessibility make a site mobile friendly.

Now to some more details; why is it essential to provide a friendly mobile experience for visitors to your hotel website? The advantage of this are numerous, but here are a few;

Frequent travelers are smartphone bookers

In a new development in March 2016, when Google announced that mobile-friendly sites would be prioritized in these “hotels near me” search results. This development was overdue since more people now use mobile phones more than desktops.

Having a mobile-friendly hotel website gives you access to a broader market for your hotel.  Firstly, in the US, statistics show that “more than half of the US leisure travelers would prefer to use an app or website for hotel bookings.”

New research from Google in partnership with PhocusWright showed that “nearly half (48%) of all customers say that they are comfortable researching, booking and planning an entire travel experience on a mobile device.” This same study revealed that approximately 46% of travelers in the US book their hotel stays on the day of the travel, mostly with their mobile phones and after a mobile search for a term like hotels near me.

The conclusion from all the facts mentioned is simple! It is worth the while and the cost for hoteliers to invest in improving their websites to become more responsive to mobiles. With further advances technology, users, especially millennials, will travel more and utilize hotels near me mobile bookings, more so, increasing your site mobile-friendliness is a feat that will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future.

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